Tammy Smith Casting 2012

>All extra work for Tammy Smith Casting is PAID (in Georgia the work is non-union). The base pay for non-union extras is a minimum of $58 or $64 per day (usually at least $64) and some projects pay more , but you can expect to usually make at least $80 -$100 per day (with overtime). Standins and special ability skills and looks will make a higher rate. There is overtime usually after 8 or 10 hrs, depending on how the rates are being paid. Sometimes the rate is an 8 hr rate, and sometimes it is a 10 or 12hr rate (your base rate is a guarantee of that base amount of money, in the event that you are there for a short day, which is not the norm, but it does happen). Also, people are sometimes booked with their cars or bicycles, etc...and if so, you will be compensated additional $ (called a “bump”) for that. 

>MINORS rates: Minors in Georgia are normally paid between $67 - 80 for 8 hrs with overtime after that. Kids can only work a maximum of 10 hrs, so they can earn up to $100 per day. ALSO, one chaperone, over the age of 18, is required to accompany a minor to the set for the day. That chaperone may NOT be booked as an extra as well.  Only one chaperone per child or family of children is needed and allowed. Children and parents who know each other are welcome to share a chaperone and designate one of the parents as the chaperone.

>Extras casting is an on-going process. Extras are booked on an as needed basis, usually only a few days in advance, sometimes the night before! Please be specific about any specific dates or days that you are not available and if you have a regular job or schedule that could conflict with working as an extra.  For those of you who haven’t done extra work before, we call you knowing you may need to rearrange your other obligations if you are able to. In order to accept the booking, you must be available the entire day or night of the work date. FYI- the report time, what to wear/bring, location directions, etc are usually given out on the day / night before  you are scheduled to work.  

>A normal filming day can be long, around 12hrs or more at times.
NOTE: Please make arrangements for baby-sitters, other jobs, school, etc. in advance. Do not accept a call as an extra unless you are free for the entire day and night, because we never know your report times in advance or how long filming will be. We will give you a general idea of what type of scene it is when we book you (ex., day time scenes and/or night time scenes).

>Everyone will be given a pay form (called a “voucher”) when you check in on the days that you work. You will be instructed how to fill it out and it will be collected at the end of the day. You receive a check usually within 10 days from the date that you work. IMPORTANT: The FIRST TIME YOU WORK, everyone needs to fill out an I -9 FORM. YOU MUST BRING YOUR PHOTO I.D. (drivers license or passport, etc...) AND YOUR WORKING SOCIAL SECURITY # (the actual card is not requiered). You must be LEGAL to work in the United States to work as an extra on a project. There are no exceptions.
Even though we want you to enjoy yourself on the set and have a positive experience working, it IS a job and it is extremely important that you abide by the following:

-Cancellations Policy: Once you have been booked for a project, if you need to cancel, you MUST call us and let us know, so that we may do OUR job and replace you. A PHONE CALL is expected for cancellations, NOT an email.

-PHOTO ID- For SECURITY purposes, it is important that you ALWAYS have or bring PHOTO ID with you when arriving to any set. 
                        MINORS ages 15 and under must bring a copy of their birth certificate and a copy of their most recent school report card.

-ALSO, please always bring a PEN to write with, every time you work. 

-THERE ARE NO CAMERAS ALLOWED ON SETS. Taking a photo with your cell phone is not permitted either and could cause you to be dismissed.

-PLEASE DO NOT bring family or friends with you to set, unless they have also been booked to work...especially not children or babies, again, unless they have been booked to be there as a paid extra.

-You must be ON TIME to set - give yourself plenty of time for traffic, parking, shuttling to the set, etc... so that you are ultimately arriving where the extras check in, 30 min before your report time, and then checking in ON TIME.


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