Tammy Smith Casting 2012

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***IMPORTANT RULES AND GUIDELINES ***                         

Each project has variations and additions to the rules and guidelines below, 
however, for the most part all, of these apply on any project you are booked on. 

By deciding to participate in a potential motion picture or television show, you agree to abide by all of the policies and standards of conduct, including without limitation those with respect to confidentiality and safety.

1.  You agree that you are not allowed to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, or other similar sites to post proprietary or sensitive information about the production. Many projects will have you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) and if that is the case, anyone found in violation of their NDA will face disciplinary action up to and including termination. ALSO If a journalist approaches you about your work on a project, please contact, Tammy Smith Casting before you provide any information about the project or your participation in it, regardless of whether a project has an NDA in place.
2.   FIREARMS/GUNS: Although the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014 allows residents to bring guns into public areas,  it ALSO allows private entities to prevent firearms on their premises. Movie and Television Productions are private entities and bringing firearms and weapons to the workplace is strictly prohibited. Violation of this will cause your removal from the set and termination from the production. This includes, but is not limited to, firearms, knives (including knives of a utility or construction nature), pepper spray, Tasers, etc.  We strongly suggest that you leave any such items at home.     

3. CELL PHONE USE and TAKING PHOTOS is usually restricted or prohibited. Please read your details carefully that you will receive when you are booked on each project to know and follow the policies for that project.

4.  CONDUCT - Harassment in the workplace based on race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, or any other factor protected by law is strictly prohibited.  Conduct that is prohibited includes, without limitation, unwelcome sexual advances or comments, racial or religious slurs, insensitive jokes told in person, by letter or email or other conduct that creates a hostile work environment. IF you experience any violations of any listed above, please approach either the A.D. staff on set, OR call us immediately here at Tammy Smith Casting. The phone number is (404) 333-3919    

5.  Drug-Free Workplace - You may not possess or be under the influence of illegal drugs while at work.  You may also not come to work when you are impaired by legal drugs or alcohol. Violation of this will be cause for dismissal from the set and you will not be hired again for this project.    

6.  SAFETY- All safety guidelines for the film and television industry are enforced by the A.D. staff on the set. If you see anything on a set that may be unsafe, breach of security or if you are asked to do anything that you feel is unsafe, please immediately approach any member of the A.D. staff or call Tammy Smith Casting. The phone number is (404) 333-3919   

7.  Please note that family or friends are NOT permitted to come to work with you to set unless they have also been booked to work.  It should also be noted that children and babies may not come to work with you to set unless they have specifically been booked for the project. Unfortunately, this is a liability issue and there are no exceptions to this rule. All minors are required to have one adult (18 and over) chaperone with them.

8.  IF you have any issues with your pay, please FIRST contact the payroll company listed on your voucher (there is always a phone number on the voucher for each payroll company, depending on each project).  If you have not been able to resolve the issue, or if your issue has to do with a pay rate discrepancy, 
please  EMAIL to the email address of the project you were booked on, and put "PAY ISSUE" in the subject line and your issue will be handled from there.   Please always reference YOUR name, YOUR phone number, the name of the movie/project and the work date, and then list what the issue is (i.e. "haven't received payment" or "missing a car bump", "rate is incorrect" etc...) Please NOTE that it can take up to 2 weeks, sometimes a little more,  from the work date for a check to arrive, so please allow that time before contacting the payroll company or us. Thank you!!

9  Please NOTE that after working on any production, when and if you are to file for unemployment or any other legal matters that asks you for your employer info, your employer of record is the payroll company (on your pay voucher) and NOT Tammy Smith Casting or the production company for the project. 

Thank you!! 
We hope you have a professional, yet enjoyable time on the set. 
- Tammy Smith